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"There are always two people in every picture: The photographer and the viewer" - Ansel Adams

Growing up in Ottawa and moving to the country with my husband, I have found myself in love with the outdoors, animals and my passion for the art of photography. My daughter was born in 2015, and followed right away by our son in 2017, giving me the opportunity to pick up my camera and focus on lifestyle images, allowing me to look back and see the story our family has created with pictures. When I am not setting new goals and teaching others, I use my running time to take in the world around me and reflect on my family, passion and future. I created Jessica Angel Photography in 2013 as I began to develop my style, and create my passion. After four years of working in all types of photography, I have now found a love for working with children, and have really found myself moving toward the gift of documenting births, and specializing in Newborn photography. Nothing is more satisfying to me, than having a mother moved by realizing that the moment she brought another life into this world, has been capture for her to remember.

In my time with my clients I have learned to evolve and work along side families to find the split second when they are truly their self within the moment.

I look forward to capturing your moment.
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